Here you can learn about horse racing betting strategy and find some useful hints and tips for betting on horse racing events.

An essential strategy when betting on horse racing is to study the form. Racing form is the technique of picking a winner, and is quite important in horse racing betting advice. People use form to judge a horse in their betting strategy and to enhance their chance of winning.

Betting On Horse Racing – How to Study the Form

Factors such as the horse’s previous racing successes and performances over certain distances are taken into account. Also, a horse’s weight in comparison to previous races or whether it’s significantly going up or down is something that is considered.

You can find basic form summaries of horses racing each day in the sports pages of the national newspapers. However, if you want a more comprehensive analysis, try a specialist publication such as the Racing Post. Some websites also give more detailed information than the newspapers.

Betting On Horse Racing – Understanding the Form Guide

It is useful to know the ins and outs of a form guide: while your horse racing gambling chances may not be increased, it is helpful. On the left hand side of a horse’s name are a series of numbers that signify where the horse has finished in it’s last six races: 1 represents 1st, 2 being 2nd etc, P is Pulled up, F equals Fell and 0 is finished outside the top six places. Next to the horse’s name on the right is usually the number, in brackets, of days’ rest it’s had since it last ran, then the name of the trainer followed by the weight the horse will be carrying. For example, 9 11 is 9 stone 11 pounds. At the end of the form is the name of the jockey riding on the horse, which is often a deciding factor in many people’s minds when placing a bet.

Betting Strategy – Advice on Picking a Horse

A further horse racing gambling hint, if you are able to attend a race or watch on television, is to look at the horses as well as their form. Try and choose a horse that has good muscle tone and looks alert, with a shiny coat and bright eyes. Be wary of horses that look agitated – they may be wasting valuable energy before the race has started. Sweating in a horse is something to look for but this can go either way, as this is normal for some horses whilst for others it is not.

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