Introduction to casino games

The main casino games are: RouletteBaccaratBackgammonStud PokerCrapsVideo SlotsVideo PokerKeno House edge It may not always be true that ‘the house always wins’, but casino games do tend to favour the house. Games played in a casino are ‘bankers’ games; in other words, they are of unequal chance, giving an advantage to the house. This is known as the ‘house edge’, and gives a degree of the percentage that a casino would expect to retain from each hand or spin. In Blackjack, for example, the Dealer wins all bets from losing players, even if their own hand is also bust. Players can only win if their hand beats that of the Dealer. In Roulette, the ‘edge’ is achieved by the casino paying slightly less than the true odds for a particular bet. For example, although the odds of winni...

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