How to play craps? Beginner’s guide

Craps is considered by many to be the most exciting and dynamic gambling game offered in casinos. More money is gambled on craps than any other game in the world, making it the biggest gambling game. The craps table can be a daunting and confusing place for the newcomer. There are many fast-action bets and the table layout has so many craps betting areas, that as a result, craps can appear be a complicated game. However, there are some simple bets that you can make when you start playing craps, and the odds on these are quite favourable. Once you learn the basics, you will find that the craps game is quite simple. Craps is the only game in the casino that offers some "true odds" bets - these are bets where the casino has no edge at all. This adds to the excitement of the game. There...

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